2. Model Course
  3. Photo spot - Strolling around the castle town, Himeji

Photo spot -
Strolling around the castle town, Himeji

This course let you stroll around Himeji Castle area from Himeji station. Take pictures of unique shopping area, monuments, local gourmet, and townscape with historical buildings.

Very fast! A Shinkansen go by the platform of Himeji station at 300km per hour.
They go through the fastest in Himeji station.

JR Himeji station Shinkansen platform
Castle view

It looks like Himeji Castle is in a picture frame
from the observation deck called “Castle View” located right outside
of JR Himeji station. Also, the roof of Piole is highly recommended.

Art in the town

There are artistic statues, manhole, street art located around the station and the town!
Otemae doei has many arts that represent Japan.

Trick art in the town - Omizosuji Shotengai -

Enjoy the trick art (image that jumps out) in Omizosuji Shotengai.
There are more than 20 of them on the street, ceiling of the archade and pillar, walls, and shutter.

Kokoen - Spot to film historical dramas -

You can feel the atmosphere of samurais’ houses with Himeji Castle in the background. Many historical dramas that represent Japan are filmed here.

Miyukidori Shotengai

This shopping district connects JR Himeji station and Himeji Castle and is parallel to Otemachi dori. It is the most lively in Himeji.

This shopping district has everything from drugstore, discount ticket, café, restaurant, fashion, to souvenirs.

I hope you had a good trip.