2. Model Course
  3. Cycle through Himeji with free bicycle rental - Tour around unique architectures and facilities.

Cycle through Himeji with free bicycle rental -
Tour around unique architectures and facilities.

Rent a bicycle for free at the Himeji City Tourist Information Center (Inside JR Himeji station concourse) and enjoy Himeji for cheap. In Himeji, there are 3 buildings that were designed by an architect, Tadao Ando. This course tours around unique buildings in the city.

Start from in front of JR Himeji Staion

First begin with renting a bicycle at the Himeji Tourist Information Center
The staff will kindly greet you. Get necessary tourism information here!
Let’s go cycling using the bicycle and parking spaces!

We rent them for free to tourists 5minute walk 5minutes
The world heritage site, Himeji Castle
Take a picture here first!There are many spots to take pictures around the castle.
Himeji City Museum of Art

The red brick building that is registered as tangible cultural property used to
be a storage for the old army and is renovated to the art museum.

Recommended! Unique sculptures scattered in the vast premises covered with green turf! 3 minutes
Shirotopia Park Senkantei

There is a unique building in a park rich in green…

5 minutes
Himeji City Museum of Literature

It is located in a quiet area. The unique concrete building designed by Tadao Ando will jump up in your sight.

Recommended! The Boukeitei is a Japanese architecture built in the Taisho period with a Japanese-style room and tea-ceremony room (free entry) 10 minutes
Nagoyama Stupa

The symbolic building is the dome shaped stupa that is 38m high. It was a gift from the Prime Minister Nehru from India with a wish for eternal peace and happiness for humans. I enshrine Buddha’s ash and statue of hakasanzon and the ten principal disciples. It has pure and solemn atmosphere. In early April, cherry blossoms are beautiful and in mid-April, azaleas over the mountain in red, white, and pink.

View from the observation deck is recommended! 30 minutes
Hoshinoko Yakata / Kodomono Yakata

It is a famous Tadao Ando building.

30 minutes
JR Himeji Station I hope you had a good trip.