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  3. Must see in Himeji! Standard Himeji Tour Course

Must see in Himeji!
Standard Himeji Tour Course

The standard course takes you to the popular tourist spot in Himeji including the oldest and most beautiful existing castle, “Himeji Castle”, “Kokoen” with a beautiful Japanese garden, and “Shoshazan Engyoji” with 1000 years of history.

Starting at JR Himeji station
Loop bus Strolling…Seeing the town scape while looking at the castle, or go through exciting market area It is very reasonable with ¥100 perride! Go around Himeji in a retro style bus.  Himeji Castle Loop bus Otemae street Miyuki street
The world heritage site, Himeji Castle Staying for 90 minutes
Himeji Castle Armored group will welcome you!

Himeji Castle has 400 years of history. It is evaluated highly from the world as a castle that is still the original building among Japanese castles. The castle wall painted with white wall plaster and beauty of the castle tower is magnificent. You are for sure to be impressed by its appearance. You cannot go into the Daitenshu while under construction, but you can see all the other areas.

Grand Open is on March 27th,2015
Kokoen 60 minutes

This Japanese garden with Himeji Castle in the background makes you feel like you have time traveled to Edo period. Seasonal flowers are great. Tea ceremony experience in tea room is popular too.

Autumn season is so beautiful!
Lunch  Kasuiken in Kokoen 60 minutes Take a bus from the route 8 to “Shosha Ropeway” from the bus stop in Otemaedori and get off at the last stop. Bus 30 minutes
Take the rope way to the top Shoshazan Engyoji Staying for 2 hours and 30 minutes

You can see the whole city from the rope way and the view is impressive!
It has 1000 years of history and important cultural properties are located in the quiet mountain. Experiencing
“Sutra writing, Zen meditation, and one-day training” in an area with rich greenery is very popular. It is famous for a filming location for the Hollywood movie starring Tom Cruz,
“Last Samurai” and various movies and dramas.

Write each letter of the sutra with your feeling. Bus 30 minutes
Get off at JR Himeji station I hope you had a good trip.