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From Airport

Osaka International Airport
(Itami Airport)
1h 20min by airport limousine(12round trip / day)
Kansai International Airport
(Itami Airport)
2h 10min by airport limousine
Kobe Airport 1h by port liner and JR(special Rapid Service train)

JR Shinkansen (From major cities)

From Tokyo From Tokyo 3h 10min by Nozomi
From Shin-Yokohama 2h 45min by Nozomi
From Nagoya 1h 20min by Nozomi
From Kyoto 45-54 min
From Shin-Osaka 29-37 min
From Shin-Kobe 16-24 min
From Okayama 20-40 min
From Hiroshima 1h by Nozomi
From Hakata 2h 9min by Nozomi or Sakura
From Kagoshimatyo 4h 6min by Nozomi and Sakura

*Some Nozomi and Sakura doesn't stop at Himeji.

*Almost Hikari stop at Himeji.

*All Kodama stop at Himeji.

JR Railway Line (Special Rapid Train)

Kyoto 1h 32min
Osaka 1h
Sannomiya 39 min